British Schools Karting Championship Prep Course Aims & Objectives

Our aim is:-

To prepare students for participation in the British Schools’ Karting Championship ( held in Terms 3 and 4 each academic year.

Our objectives are:-

• 2 teams will compete in the British Schools’ Karting Championship in January.
• At least 1 team will qualify for the second round of the British Schools’ Karting Championship.
• achieve 85% completion rates.
• achieve 75% attendance rates.
• show improved attendance at school.
• show improved behaviour at school.
• show improvement in key skills.
• progress onto an accredited course in-house or at a College of Further Education or into employment.


An integrated learning facility combining basic mechanical theory with the repair and maintenance of an indoor kart together with a basic input covering the legal requirements for vehicle use on the highways.

Teaching Aids

Basic workshop tooling such as spanners, pliers, files, saws, snippers, steel rules, scribers and riveters.

Basic workshop equipment such as axle stands, vices and drills.

A minimum of two karts will be provided by the Project for construction by the students (subject to availability).

Safety Clothing

Overalls, gloves and safety boots – all provided by The Wheels Project.


5 x 2 1/2 hour sessions a week at Wheels plus 7 x 2 1/2  hour  karting sessions (30 hour programme).

Term 1/Session 1


  • Content and structure
  • Completion of Personnel Monitoring Forms
  • Health and Safety

Term 1/Sessions 2-5

  • Road Safety - Values and Attitudes
  • Crime Prevention - Risks and Consequences
  • RoadSkills 2
  • Kart Disassembly and Assembly

Term 1/Session 6

    Karting Arrive'n'Drive at TeamSport, Avonmouth, Bristol (Tel:  0797 7415 110)

Term 2/Sessions 7-12

  • Karting - race training at TeamSport in Avonmouth
  • Enter teams for British Schools Karting Championship (Key Workers to complete application forms at the start of Term 2)

British Schools Karting Championships (Teams of 3)

  • Practice - Team formal practice (obligatory)
  • Round 1 - 6 x 10 minute races (for each team of 3)
  • Round 2 - if you qualify from Round 1
  • Round 3 - Final


  1. When students have been knocked out of the BSKC, a date will be arranged for them to return to The Wheels Project for a feedback session during which they will complete evaluation and end of course forms.
  2. Delivery for this course is in Terms 1 and 2 of the Academic Year.
  3. Each 2 1/2 hour session delivered at Wheels will include 40 minutes in the classroom to address:
    i)   values and attitudes to responsible driving.
    ii)  risks and consequences of illegal driving.  
    iii) opening round of rules and safe practices of kart racing.
    iv) vehicle documentation.
  4. Transport of students is not provided by the Project.


  • In-house certificate of completion


  • Groups will be pre-formed by the referring organisation.
  • Group size is restricted to a maximum of 8 students.
  • Wheels does not have more than one group at its centre at any one time.
  • New Learners can start up to week 2 but no later.
  • A Risk Assessment on pupils must be completed by Key Workers before start of course – those with history of violent behaviour are excluded from Wheels programmes. Failure to submit a formal assessment will lead to delay and forfeit of sessions.

Criteria for Selection

A student's behaviour should be causing concern to group leaders and exhibit at least three of the following factors:

• Aged between 14 - 18
• Anti-social behaviour
• Poor educational record
• Truanting
• Exclusion from school
• Involvement in illegal drugs
• Criminal record

Intake Dates

Groups attend The Wheels Project without the presence of others to reduce distractions and aid concentration.

Intakes for this course occur at the start of Terms 1 and 2 only.

Have a look at our intake dates.


The Wheels Project Ltd
31-32 Bonville Road
Bristol BS4 5QH

Tel : 0117 971 1711   
Contact : David Glossop, General Manager
Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


  • 2 Workshop Supervisors from The Wheels Project
  • 1 Guest Speaker
  • 1 Group Leader (2 for karting sessions)


This programme will take place out of school hours.

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