Does your Community Group Need a Vehicle?

If your community group (non profit making) needs a vehicle but is unable to meet the cost of buying one then contact us with details of :

  • who you are with website address and any other background information
  • why you need a vehicle,
  • what specifications you require
  • when you need it
  • how you will meet the running costs once it is gifted to you
  • a copy of your most recent audited accounts

We run Community Vehicle Programmes for up to 4 groups each academic year (usually year 11 and either disadvantaged or disaffected).

Each group undertakes a basic introduction to motor vehicle repair in term 1 during which time the learners will consider community groups they wish to support. We will let the learners know of your initial application and learners will draw up a short list of 'possibles'.

Representatives from  these community organisations will be invited to make a 30 minute presentation about their organisation and vehicle needs to the learners during their first term with us- usually Septemder/October but occasionally later if groups are late starting.

The group of young people decide which vehicle to work on based on cause,cost, feasibility and general approval of the community group (registered charity or public sector). They will notify  all groups considered with their decision.

The Learners then set about acquiring the vehicle with our support - sometimes it is gifted to us but occasionally we have to buy one. We aim to acquire a vehicle that meets the needs of the community group selected and that can be completed realistically within our timeframe (4 to 5 terms) and up to MOT standard.

The vehicle will usually be handed over, prior to our own Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI), to the recipient organisation during terms 5 or 6 (June/July).

Media coverage will be involved during that presentation and we will expect to work with each group and community group closely towards producing a press release.

The groups come from anywhere in Avon but each group is made up of members that live in the same geographic area. 8 learners usually start the programme. The programme carries nationally recognised qualifications in motor vehicle studies with each learner maintaining a portfolio of evidence.

The Community group can be local, regional, or national .

The only costs incurred by the recipient are for replacement parts that are not a standard feature of the vehicle and transportation of the vehicle to the recipient’s HQ.

NOTE: We have budgeted for the repair and maintenance of the vehicle and where possible we will identify vehicles that can be donated to the Project.  However, if we are unable to locate such a vehicle then we will ask the recipient to make a significant contribution towards the cost of a suitable vehicle.  In such a case we would not retain the option of taking the vehicle back should that recipient group with to dispose of it within the first 12 months.

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