How have we done?


We have worked with over 1,000 young people who have really engaged with us (85% attendance levels) and gained raised self esteem, self confidence, skills to prepare for work and nationally accredited qualifications. Young people and their Key Workers report back consistently on how our work has helped to breathe fresh hope into their lives.

And the story hasn’t just been about them. Since 2002 these students have completed the restoration of 38 vehicles which they have gifted to a wide range of community groups around the city such as Community Transport, mountain rescue services on the Mendips, youth groups, vehicles for community farms and, more recently, Foodbanks.

Our Pre CBT mopeds courses for new moped riders has helped to reduce the numbers of deaths or serious injuries involving new riders (a group shown to be the most vulnerable on our highways) and our work in prisons is helping to support offenders away from crime and into employment or training.



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