Junior Wheels 1994

In February 1994 Junior Wheels was introduced for the delivery of crime prevention programmes to under 16 year olds in the old county of Avon. Much of the work carried out on this programme and its future developments are contained in the document 'Knocking Bristol Off the Top' and other subsequent Annual Reports. The main funding of these programmes was supplied through the Insurance Service and the local St. Mary's Tyndall Park Trust. Each user group made a small contribution towards the cost of each course.

The Bristol Wheels Project was a subsidiary of the Youth and Community Help Trust. Both were limited companies by guarantee.

In May 1996 the narrowboats, which had been managed on a day-to-day basis by Prison Officers attached to Leyhill Open Prison, were gifted to the Avon and Bristol Federation of Clubs for Young People (known as 'Young Bristol' since 2000). This followed Home Office guidelines to the prison service in 1995 which significantly restricted their involvement in community based Projects and our failure to provide satisfactory staffing levels as substitutes for the management of this operation.

The members of the board consists of an Assistant Chief Constable of Avon & Somerset Constabulary (Chair), a local practicing solicitor (Secretary),  a Chartered Accountant (Treasurer) and a local Magistrate. The role of Board Directors is to provide expert advice and hands-on support where appropriate to the Projects under their auspices. Directors' networks can be invaluable in helping the Project to develop better practice. We were cited in the Home Office Report of 1998 'Motor Projects Revisited' as an example of best practice in this field.

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