Closure of Avon Motor Project 1991

The Avon Motor Project closed in August 1991 and all staff were released apart from David Glossop, who was seconded by the Probation Service and had been with the Project since its inception. He was asked to set up a new Project that provided secure funding. Bristol Wheels resulted and opened in January 1993 and quickly developed a good reputation, particularly through the Courts.

Initially the programmes were exclusively rehabilitative and offered places to specific types of Supervision and Probation Orders. The first three years of funding was provided by the Home Office and in July 1995 was taken on by Avon Probation Service through its partnership fund. The partnership fund represented 7% of Avon Probation Service's Annual Budget and was initiated by the Government to support, on a sub-contracting basis, voluntary agencies which could deliver appropriate programmes to Probation Service users.

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