Avon Motor Project 1984

In 1984 the Trust set up the Avon Motor Project with the help of kick start funding received from the DSS Intermediate Treatment New Initiative Fund. The Project aimed, in the first instance, to work with young people who were subject to specific types of Supervision and Probation Orders. The Course was offered in the form of a two-year Youth Training programme whose main vocational element lay within the car industry. Attendance at the Project was not compulsory, although an unwritten understanding applied whereby Magistrates recognised and supported the work we did and sentenced people to Supervision or Probation Orders on the understanding that a place was available at the Project.

The Project delivered a combination of programmes including City and Guilds in light vehicle repair, practical skills tests superintended by the Road Transport Industrial Training Board (RTITB), placements in a wide variety of garage-based settings, literacy and numeracy classes, outward bound activities, alternative use of leisure time, welfare rights and issues that addressed offending behaviour.

The client base was extended after two years to include young people at risk of exclusion.  By 1991 the Project had developed a very good working relationship with all the statutory Services and employers. Statistics showed that there were high levels of attendance (there were 35 young people attached to the Project at any one time), high numbers going into full-time employment and a low incidence of reconvictions.

In 1987 the Probation and Social Services took over the secondment of two posts within the Project and the Training Enterprise Councils funded the rest of the programme. In 1989 Social Services withdrew their funding on the grounds that the Project was being double-funded. In 1990 the Probation Service withdrew its own funding for individuals who were attending whilst subject to a Probation Order (up to a maximum of 6 people per week). Later that year, the Board took the decision to close the Avon Motor Project with the TEC's announcement that the level of funding available to special training needs would be significantly reduced.

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