Our History

Junior Wheels 1994

In February 1994 Junior Wheels was introduced for the delivery of crime prevention programmes to under 16 year olds in the old county of Avon. Much of the work carried out on this programme and its future developments are contained in the document 'Knocking Bristol Off the Top' and other subsequent Annual Reports. The main funding of these programmes was supplied through the Insurance Service and the local St. Mary's Tyndall Park Trust. Each user group made a small contribution towards the cost of each course.

The Bristol Wheels Project was a subsidiary of the Youth and Community Help Trust. Both were limited companies by guarantee.


Closure of Avon Motor Project 1991

The Avon Motor Project closed in August 1991 and all staff were released apart from David Glossop, who was seconded by the Probation Service and had been with the Project since its inception. He was asked to set up a new Project that provided secure funding. Bristol Wheels resulted and opened in January 1993 and quickly developed a good reputation, particularly through the Courts.


Avon Motor Project 1984

In 1984 the Trust set up the Avon Motor Project with the help of kick start funding received from the DSS Intermediate Treatment New Initiative Fund. The Project aimed, in the first instance, to work with young people who were subject to specific types of Supervision and Probation Orders. The Course was offered in the form of a two-year Youth Training programme whose main vocational element lay within the car industry. Attendance at the Project was not compulsory, although an unwritten understanding applied whereby Magistrates recognised and supported the work we did and sentenced people to Supervision or Probation Orders on the understanding that a place was available at the Project.


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