Handover of Meriton Group's Vehicle to Farms for City Children

On 13 March our Community Vehicle Programme students from The Meriton handed over their vehicle - a Peugeot Expert Van - to Heather Tarplee of Farms for City Children.  The course had been supported by monies from the Big Lottery Reaching Communities Fund and Equitable Charitable Trust.

Heather Tarplee has said, 'We are delighted to be working with The Wheels Project and The Meriton again and that Farms for City Children is to be the recipient of a donated Peugeot Van.  Farms for City Children is an educational charity which has been welcoming inner-city primary school children for almost 40 years.  These children come with their teachers and stay at one of the three farms run by in - in Devon, Pembrokeshire and here in Gloucestershire.  Many children come to us who have very limited experience of the world beyond their housing estate and we aim to fully immerse them in rural life and involve them in all aspects of farming and food production.  From feeding and weighing pigs, collecting eggs, mucking out horses and moving sheep to working in the kitchen garden and checking the bees in the orchard, the children learn so much from a week here.

As a charity we heavily subsidise the costs of these visits to the schools to allow more children to have this experience.  However running farms is expensive and just like commercial farmers we need equipment and vehicles to manage our farms - having this versatile farm vehicle will be a massive help, initially here at Wick Court and then at Lower Treginnis in Pembrokeshire where they currently have no vehicle for moving supplies, pulling a livestock trailer and all the other errands that are needed to run a rural business.

We are especially delighted that the van has been restored by girls from The Meriton, we have worked with the school before and have welcomed a group of them and their children to the farm as well as meeting them at the workshop.  It is fantastic that this project gives them such useful life skills and will end up benefitting many other groups of children.  We would like to thank everyone from The Wheels Project, The Meriton, The Equitable Charitable Trust who have helped with this project that will be such a huge benefit to our work.'



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