Term 4 : Week Commencing 23 February

This the last week of another pretty full term!

In Term 4 we will be welcoming back students from Orchard School, Merchants Academy, Chipping Sodbury School (South Glos W2L) and The Meriton who will be finishing their Community Vehicle (CV) courses with us.  The handover of finished vehicles to the chosen recipient groups will take place during this term.

Young people from Studio Kids will also be returning to Wheels to complete their Kick Start Karts course and move on to the CV Programme.

Also, next term will see some of the students who completed our BSKC Prep course in Terms 1 and 2 taking part in 2 x Wheels' practice karting sessions at TeamSport and then competing in the BSKC Formal Practice on 4 March and Round 1 on 18 March.  Good luck to them!

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