VIsit from Will of Stround Foodbank to Talk to Chipping Sodbury School Students

Today, 7 January, our students from Chipping Sodbury School received a visit from Will Mansell of Stroud Foodbank - this being the chosen recipient for their 'community vehicle'.

Will told them that the Foodbank supports around 4,500 people in the Stround area. He explained how valuable an asset the van will be for them as they are working in such a rural community, eg, this Christmas volunteers... distributed 9,000 tons of food using their own vehicles - he pointed out that this can have insurance repercussions as well as wear and tear to their cars.

He described the 'red ticket' system whereby Social Workers, Teachers, Probation Officers and Police Officers can give out tickets to families in need (each tickets provides 9 meals). A maximum of 3 red tickets can be given to a family in any one year.

In addition to the food which is given to them by Supermarkets, shoppers are asked if they would like to donate an item from their own baskets.

Will said that they work with dieticians to help ensure that the Foodbank distributes food parcels which offer a balanced diet.

Also, they are liaising with allotment holders to take any vegetables grown which are surplus to their requirements.

Our students listened well and asked questions and will visit the Foodbank towards the end of term.

They all agreed that they are very keen to support Stround Foodbank and the vehicle - a Ford Connect van which was donated to Wheels by Avon and Somerset Constabulary - should be ready to hand over on Wednesday 25 March.

David wished to thank Will for his energetic and illuminating presentation.

This Community Vehicle course is funded by the Big Lottery Reaching Communities Fund.
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