British Schools Karting Championship Practice Session

Our students who had taken part in our BSKC Prep Programme (funded by BBC Children in Need) took part in the official BSKC practice session yesterday, 18 March, at TeamSport in Avonmouth.

David accompanied the group and commented, 'The event passed without incident, however, all  were surprised to see that points were awarded on a 'best fastest lap first - slowest fastest lap last' basis - something we have been training with but new to the BSKC in our experience.


Using this criteria (1st = 1 point, 2nd =2 points 3rd = 3 points etc down to 11th) over the 6 races:-

1st BEC 16 points

2nd = Wheels BEC A and Winterbourne I.A. 17 points

4th BEC B 31 points

5th Wheels W2L A 35 points

6th Writhlington A 36 points

7th Wheels BEC B 41 points

8th Wheels W2L B 42 points

9th Writhlington C 47 points

10th Ysgol Maes Dyfan 53 points

11th Writhlington B 61 points

An exciting evening but the track felt small with 11 karts on the track at anyone time.

It kept the length of the meeting to a minimum but produced a lot of yellows with the driver errors which introduced a lottery element - at least most drivers had a chance to post their best times last night although drivers at the back of the grid soon worked out they could fall off the pace and have a 'clear' road ahead to post a 'fastest lap'.

Swings and roundabouts I think but possibly safer using fastest laps and picks out the more accomplished driver.'

Round 1 of the BSKC will take place next Tuesday, 25 March at TeamSport, starting at 1600 hours.


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