Progress Report on our 2014 'Community Vehicles'

Richard and Jerry have reported that work on the 'community vehicles' is coming along well. The Ford Transit, has been serviced by our students from South Glos W2L and the welding work has been finished. This vehicle is destined for the NW Bristol Foodbank.

The Fiesta Courier has been serviced by our Meriton students and has also had some welding work completed on it. This van is also going to a Foodbank.

The Vauxhall Combi has been serviced and polished by our group from BEC.

All these vehicles were donated to Wheels by Avon and Somerset Police.

Sadly, one 'community group' which had been earmarked to be gifted a vehicle from Wheels has had to pull out after its Trustees decided that, due to their financial situation, they were not prepared to take the risk of being liable for the running and repair costs involved in receiving it.

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