End of Course Report - Steve Bane, Director of Provision at The Studio (Cabot Learning Federation)

'I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the work you have done with our students over the past year.  As you know our students have found it very difficult to engage in mainstream education and the courses you have supplied have been incredibly valuable to them.

I have seen a vast improvement in their confidence, self-esteem and social skills as well as their interest in their aims and goals for the future and many of them have chosen college courses and re-engaged in their study of GCSEs as a result of their participation in your courses and their decision to follow new and exciting career paths that they might not have considered before.

The students discussed with me at great length their views and opinions on their experience with The Wheels Project and how much they enjoyed the two courses they took part in.  Students told me how much they enjoyed the Go Karting course and how proud they were to be part of the Community Vehicle Project; they talked with great passion and were obviously very proud of their achievements.

Our Project has continued to grow along with our number of students attending who can be disengaged or are at risk of becoming involved in anti-social behaviour and crime and I know would greatly benefit from your Project and the support and skills that it can offer them.

After talking to our students it was very clear that they felt that they had missed a very big opportunity by not being able to participate in the National Schools Karting Championships and I hope that this year we may be able to do something about that so our students get to taste another exciting experience and give them something to look forward to after the normal school day finishes.

I look forward to working with you and your Project again in the near future and wish to pass on to you thanks from all of our students who have attended courses in the last year and the staff at The Studio who have been able to see the impact they have had on our students.'

July 2013


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