BSKC Regional Final - Report on the Day by David Glossop

Well!  What a great day we had yesterday at Thruxton Racing.   Well organised and sunny! Thank you BSKC.

  • 36 teams from over 20 schools based in SW England participated.
  • 16 races with 13 or 14 students competing per race.
  • 2 races per student.
  • Top 7 qualified for Grand Final on June 16th.
  • 20 points for a win.
  • 19 points for 2nd.
  • 18 points for 3rd.
  • etc down to 14th place.

Here are the results of the Wheels-Churchill A Team:-


Grid Start 10 - Finish 3rd

Grid Start 1 - Finish 2nd


Grid Start 9 - Finish 3rd

Grid Start 6 - Finish 7th


Grid Start 14 - Finish 5th

Grid Start 4 - Finish 7th

Team score: 85 points

Finish position: 9th


8th had 86 points
7th had 87 points
6th had 88 points
5th had 89 points


Our students' behaviour was exemplary throughout - Churchill Academy would have been proud of them.

They were disappointed in defeat but dignified and sporting.

A big well done to all the students and thank you too to each of the Parents (and Grandparents) and Staff who attended and gave such great support throughout.

Our BSKC Prep Course was funded through monies from BBC Children in Need.

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