Land Rover Serviced, MOTd and Returned to the RSPCA

On Wednesday 20 March Lee and Rob from the RSPCA drove down from Manchester to collect the Land Rover which students from Studio Kids had been working hard on in order to get it through its MOT.  Lee and Rob chatted to staff and students about how they will be continuing to use the Land Rover in their work and were delighted to see it looking so sparkling!


2 of the students completed a hand written report of their experiences at Wheels and anotheer produced his report as a Powerpoint Presentation - great stuff!  See below:

Student 1:  "I have been attending The Wheels Project and I enjoy going.  We learn all about the cars and we get taught how to take parts out of cars and how they work.  Rich and Jerry show us mostly everything and answer our questions and they are very fair.  I'm a Year 11 student now and I wish I could go more.  It is a very good and safe place to be."

Student 2: "For the past 4 terms I have been attending The Wheels Project, Bristol.  I enjoy Wheels because it teaches me how to follow my dream of being a mechanic and teaches me all the skills I need to complete my dream.  I like the way the staff communicate with us and treat us with respect."

Student 3 (Powerpoint Presentation): "My views of The Wheels Project are it's the best part of my learning because it is all hands on.  I am working with tools and different equipment.  I enjoy working with my hands and it makes me feel as if I am at work.  I don't have to feel stressed out about writing a lot, the staff all make me feel comfortable and relaxed.  I believe that I'm learning a lot and this is something that I want to do in the future.  I think the workers at The Wheels Project are very good with us as they understand how to work with younger people.

I have listed a few things we did on a weekly basis:  We get in at 9.30 - overalls on - get started on the Land Rover Discovery from the RSPCA which had problems with the engine - we looked for rust on the bottom of the Land Rover - we drained the oil and filled it with brand new oil - we changed the air filter - we fired it up and polished it - we waxed it down, jet washed it to get all the dead grass and leaves out of the wheel arches and gave it one more final polish before the blokes came down from Manchester to collect it.

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