Return of Land Rover Gifted to RSPCA in 2010 for servicing

The 18 February saw the return to Wheels of the Land Rover gifted to the RSPCA in 2010 by the group of students from South Glos W2L who were on our Community Vehicle course.  The vehicle has come back for a service and preparation for its MOT.  This work will be carried out by our students from Studio Kids who are currently on the CV course.

Lee Stewart of the RSPCA's Stapeley Grange has told us that having this vehicle has made a massive difference to them as it has saved them from having to hire a 4x4, which can be very expensive, whenever they needed to carry out releases of animals.  The Land Rover has been used in the North, Midlands and North Wales regions to carry out releases of polecats, foxes, badgers and otters.

Using a trailer, the vehicle can carry the animals and all the equipment needed to set up a soft release cage and provisions for the them whilst they remain in the cages and for a period afterwards - under what is termed a 'soft release protocol' which gives the animals time to acclimatise to their new surroundings and de-stress after their journey.

The Land Rover is scheduled to be used to carry out another otter release when it is collected from Wheels by Lee and Rob on 20 March.



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