Another term starts - week commencing 16 April

This term we welcome back, for their second term, students from the Bridge Learning Campus and BANES YCs who will be moving onto the 'Community Vehicle' part of their courses.

Plus, we will be delivering a Kick Start+ Servicing Programme to our IMPACT group which is a follow on from the Kick Start Karting course they undertook whilst in HMP Horfield last term.

We also look forward to meeting the girls from The Meriton who will be starting our 2 term Pre Driver Prep Programme.

This term will also see delivery of our last Keep Your Wheels session at TeamSport on Friday 11 May, organised by Tom Southerby of Bristol City Council's Road Safety Department.  This is for young people who have recently passed their CBT - they are invited to bring their mopeds along with them for our Supervisors to check over and discuss any problems after which they take part in a karting event.

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