Students' Comments

Here is a selection of students' comments about their experiences at Wheels:

'Our instructors are fantastic and I learnt what happens if you dont' wear safety gear.' Student from Bedminster Down School (KS+ Moped course).

'The staff here are sound and I learned about checking your bike before driving.' Student from HWV (KS+ Moped course)

'I learnt about

the health and safety aspects of owning a moped and how to maintain it.' Student from BEC (KS+ Moped course).

'I learnt how to change rollers and clutch springs and how to drive a bike safely.' Student from Merchants' Academy (KS+ Moped course).

'I enjoyed the course because it was pretty much 'hands on'.' Student from South Glos W2L (CV course).

'I enjoyed working with others and having lots of practical.' Student from Bedminster Down School (KS Karting course). '

I learnt to be more good and feel confidence while riding the ped.' Student from Oasis Academy (KS+ Moped course).

'It was helpful and fun!.' Student from BANES Youth Clubs (mixed) (KS+ Moped course).

'I enjoyed taking the kart apart and putting it back together again.' Student from Oasis Academy (KS Karting course).

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