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New Horizons

The Wheels project would like to say a big Thank You and Good Luck to Jayne who has moved on to new horizons! Everyone here at Wheels wishes her well in her new venture and thank you for all of your support throughout your time with us.

Bristol Water Donate a second Van to The Wheels Project

Bristol Water have very kindly donated a second vehicle for The Wheels’ Community Vehicle Programmes. We are always in need of vehicles to gift and Bristol Water have kindly given us another Peugeot Expert Van which they no longer require.  This type of vehicle is always very welcomed for our students to work on and then gift to one of the various local charities who require a vehicle. Thank you Bristol Water!

The Burden Trust's Grant

On 17 August we received a cheque for £5,000 from The Burden Trust. We are grateful to the Trustees for granting The Wheels Project another year's funding.  The Trust usually only supports charities for three years but they have made an exception in our case with this fifth year of support.  These are 'unrestricted' monies.

Fantastic News - Grant received from John James Bristol Foundation

We were delighted to receive a cheque for £21,342 from the John James Bristol Foundation yesterday. This will be split between £15,000 for general funds and £6,342 for a replacement server that is very much needed by The Project. This Foundation has been a loyal supporter of The Wheels Project for many years and we are grateful to the Trustees for their continued support.

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